Episode 07 — Environment!


From ridiculous levels of snowfall to DIY home offices and more, this is a pretty good discussion on environment.

Show notes!

We’re recording this show from inside our home offices. On a snow day.

Mother Teresa’s Feet as photographed by Marco Mancinelli

Michael’s DIY Desk Closet

Minimalist, Instrumental and Spiritual views of environment: Stokols, Daniel. “Instrumental and Spiritual Views of People—Environment Relations.” American Psychologist 45.5 (1990): 641-46.

Virginia Woolf — A Room of One’s Own In case you’ve got to take a quiz on it: SparkNotes

What to do when the internet is down

You might notice that this show was recorded in March and released in June… There are a bunch of great shows on the way. Thanks for your patience!

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