World Day of the Sick

In the Catholic Church, February 11 is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. It also has been observed as World Day of the Sick.

At my hospital, a prayer service was held to mark the occasion. One of our chaplains authored a few fantastic prayers for the occasion and, with her permission, I offer one here:

Prayer for the Sick

God of hope and healing,

Be with those whose bodies
burn with fever,
rage with pain,
struggle for breath,
cry out for limbs that used to be,
or crave addictive substances.

Be with those whose minds and emotions
face the wait of a diagnosis,
wrestle with the choices for treatment,
adapt to a life altered by chronic illness,
recover from abuse,
or push against the encroaching clouds of dementia.

Be with those whose spirits
are exhausted by the quest for health
doubt the existence of love
question the fairness of life
or stare into the face of death.

Cool the fever,
bring balm to the pain,
ease the fight for air,
adapt the body for new ways to move,
and calm the cravings.
Ease anxiety and fear.
Build trust in your everlasting love and care.
God of all, hear our prayer.


Chaplain Linda DeHahn

For more on the World Day of the Sick, visit the National Association of Catholic Chaplains.

Michael Miller, Jr.