Presenting. . . The ERDs!

Today, along with my mentor, I had the privilege of presenting the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (ERDs) to the family practice residents at my hospital.

Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care ServicesThe noon conference only lasted 40 minutes - hardly enough time to sufficiently cover the topic, but it was certainly better than nothing. We showed a very good CHA produced video overview of the ERDs and I got to briefly speak about the history of the ERDs.

Earlier in the week, I asked a good friend, who is a resident at a different hospital, for some advice about speaking to a room full of his peers. The most helpful advice was this: Know that they are weary of others telling them how to practice medicine. I had not considered this - but it is an important point. They are constantly told by insurance companies, superiors, etc. how to practice their art. I can understand how this could be frustrating. And, here I am - a lowly administrative fellow - giving them the directives that guide our operations.

My dilemma: How do you share the ERDs with physicians without sounding like you’re telling them how to practice medicine?

I’m looking forward to a similar presentation for our nursing staff in a few weeks. I hope I’ll have some clarity on this topic by then.

Resources: Research sources on the history & intent of the ERDs.

Michael Miller, Jr.