Journal of Sacred Work

I’ve been trying to pay attention to any sort of healthcare mission integration stuff on the Interweb. In my experience, I haven’t found much content in this area and my expectations have become quite low.

The Journal of Sacred Work, however, has given me hope that healthcare mission conversations are happening out there.

This Journal is the blog of the Baptist Healing Trust, an organization created when Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennesse was purchased by St. Thomas Health Services, a member of Ascension Health. The Trust’s mission is to continue Baptist Hospital’s mission; that is to:

continue to support the ministry of radical loving care at Baptist Hospital and to preserve the heritage of the Baptist name.

Further, the Trust believes that “that in order … to flourish, the mission of loving care must be actively nourished.” The Journal of Sacred Work goes a good distance in the work of providing active nourishment.

When a Catholic hospital is transferred to an “other than Catholic” organization, there is usually an effort to continue the Catholic mission of the hospital in some way, shape or form. The Baptist Healing Trust is a great example of an institution’s mission & heritage continuing through significant organizational chance.

Michael Miller, Jr.