Intrasectoral variation in mission and values: The case of the Catholic health systems

I came across this article today in Health Care Management Review and devoured it, along with some leftover new year’s gumbo, during my lunch hour.

The authors use social network and text analysis to compare the mission statements and values of 50 Catholic health systems. They asked these questions:

  1. Are there common links between all Catholic health systems in terms of keywords in mission statements and values?
  2. Are there subsets of Catholic health systems that share similar mission statements and values?

Throughout their analysis, I was impressed with the great similitude between the mission statements & values of the 50 organizations.

The greatest eye opener (er… epiphany) for me was the fact that we should be using our mission and values as evaluative benchmarks for our outcomes. I’m very familiar with the idea of using a mission discernment or values-based process for making decisions. And I’ve gotten into the habit of making sure this happens on the front-end. Now, I’ll try to reference the same values and mission when the time comes to evaluate a decision or service.

Michael Miller, Jr.