Don't Be Alarmed

Partners In the Mission is the new name of my very professional blog.

I’m well into the second year of my fellowship now - working as a mission leader at a hospital in Muskegon, MI. It’s a little cooler and windier on the shore of Lake Michigan, but the work of operating a healthcare business as a ministry of the Church is no different than it was in Northern Indiana. The formation, pastoral care, ethics consultations and mission discernments continue. There is much work to do.

I will continue to share my story of working to discern and integrate the mission of Catholic Healthcare when appropriate and as I am able. I’m grateful to you, friends, for walking with me on this journey. Please stay in touch. (e-mail or twitter)

The blog’s new title is inspired by a hymn of the same name penned by Peter Fisher Hesed. Here’s a bit that helps keep me real:

While on earth this is our calling; Learn to bear the beams of love,
We are sent to live for others; Sent on mission from above;
Michael Miller, Jr.