Coronary - A Quick Review

Last June, during our fellowship orientation, the book Coronary by Stephen Klaidman was recommended to us.

I was able to read it a few months ago - here’s the background:Coronary, by Stephen Klaidman

  • The author, Klaidman, is a journalist by trade and the entire book reads like an enormous newspaper article or, perhaps, a long essay in The New Yorker.
  • The story centers around two doctors practicing in Redding,  California who were accused of performing unnecessary heart surgeries. And the hospital in question, Redding Medical Center, was, at the time, a part of the Tenet Healthcare Corporation.
  • Interestingly, this scandal was made public by a Catholic priest by the name of John Corapi.

From the perspective of an administrative fellow in mission integration (read: mine), the book was great to learn about the healthcare industry. I learned some terminology of cardiac service lines - one of the doctors ran the cardiac catheter lab and funneled patients to the other who did the heart surgeries. Also, the book provided great insight to physician / administrative relationships. The fact that hospital (and system level) administrators can either encourage or discourage unethical practices implies great responsibility.

Although a little dry at times, I do recommend this book to others and consider it a must read for anyone interested in organizational integrity.

Michael Miller, Jr.